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by Jak Locke

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released August 9, 2016

Jak Locke: everything



all rights reserved


Jak Locke New Orleans, Louisiana

Jak Locke is a multi-genre songwriter and performer based in and native to New Orleans, LA.

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Track Name: Autumn
It's just a dream, a memory
Nothing ever returns, nothing ever could
Everything that leaves us, oh baby, it's for good
And I'll only be a memory, oh yeah
When you see the dark I hope you still think of me
Nothing in my dreams
Black leaves falling only in my dream, goodbye
Nothing in the night to hear
We all gonna see it in the daylight, I was never there
I was never there
Black leaves falling
I was never there, oh
And I'll only be a memory
When you see the dark I hope you still think of me
Track Name: The Devil I Know
It takes me down lonely and still
Only sounds make the trip up my hill
All I can stand for now is here
At the end of the day I hear them go
Clear, as I stay with the devil I know, with the devil I know
All I want is to want something real again
And here I fall, and here I fall with the devil I know
It takes me down with the devil I know, it takes me down
When I'm in a picture I can make them think I'm anything
It isn't any different being out of the frame
When it wants me, it can find me anywhere and take me
Though I know it isn't there because we're one and the same
Track Name: Midnight Was Always Too Early
The silence I craved scores the tragedies I used to wish for
Midnight was always too early to have any depth
All that I want now is what I refused to see
All that I wanted was beautiful misery
Taking my time til the time tells the tale tethered to me
I should have known that the story would never end well
We found our star but kept it far for fear of burning
The world was bright, no chance of night, til it kept turning
Midnight was always too early but nothing cuts like too late
Midnight was always too early but nothing cuts like too late
Track Name: Curtain Call
I can see though it seems I've shut my eyes
to the light show and shadows, just biding time
under the pale devil sky I'll climb
I think I'm ready to go home
Jaded, I find that there's nothing to say
but I'll try to fake my way through this
I don't hold regrets or pride, I just find it cold
so circle the firing squad and fire
Speak your mind, there's not much time left
I know you'll find something else to ignore
One less voice crowding the choir
if it's my choice and all the same to you
I'm ready to go home
Track Name: The Cold After The Spotlight
"This time last year, we lost our scene"
She says, rehearsed with the flow of a machine
"We got so bored that I don't mind
Those weren't people, only pieces left behind
So I leave them behind"
My star had fallen before it formed
The seven thousandth humming insect in the swarm
And from below, we look above
Strangely pining for the life we're now sick of
But could not leave behind
"One day, they'll know" is her cry of war
It sounds at once determined, hopeful, lost and bored
Is there some word in old lines we scrawled
Some old reminder why we wanted it at all
Before it left us behind?
Track Name: Doctrine
"It's everyone for themselves"
"It's everyone for themselves"
"Believe in all you ever feared"
"There's no place for heroes here"
"It's everyone to themselves"
"It's everyone to themselves"
"Fear everything you don't believe"
Until your rally for relief is
"Nothing to me, nothing to grieve"
Track Name: Where The End Begins Again
Time we have, soon to be the time we had and nothing more
Where I'll be, like before
Epitaphs, hijacked memories now written on the sun
Start again, back from one
Weren't we supposed to be everybody's sky?
Where the end began, some wasteland where my old personas lie
Where we watched our best selves die, oh, I follow
Coming down from a high that I forgot I'd fallen to
All this time, never knew
Still around, I've outlived more scenes than anyone recalls
Here they rose, there they fall
Weren't we supposed to be everybody's sky?
Another silent view when their time is through
One from few, and the muse makes two
Lover, what else could I do but follow?
Track Name: Afterword
Where would all the regrets and sorrows hide
But in the waves left here from Eden's tide
Made up of every tear that was ever cried for a moment lost in vain?
The sunbeams from some dawn in retrospect
Throw light on consequences of neglect
Paint over everything that could reflect it and the shadows still remain
It's all too clear after a thousand hints
Valued things are never permanent
Another day, perhaps, and ever since, but now, there's just tonight
Somewhere the story's opening anew
Somewhere someone's just promised they'll stay true
Though I couldn't make it there with you, someone's bound to get it right
Track Name: Ascent
Exhaustion's still an option and it's closer than it seems
Though they do their best to tell me the end is still just a dream
But it's not the end I'm dreaming, only just where I belong
Where we wrote our own beginnings, make it all up as we go
Here, a lonely yawn of decades
Laying still, counting grass blades as they grow
And I could lose another moment saying things I've said before
But the diesel men are talking, and our bourbon's running low
Running low, running low
And I suppose I've still some of those "wasted mornings" I could spare
I suppose